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Cover of 'The Making of a Monster'

Gail Petersen's novel The Making of a Monster, first published by Doubleday Dell is now available in eBook (and print) form on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Open Road Integrated Media, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, and elsewhere.

Gail's newest work, The Last Hitchcock, is a mystery/detective novel driven by the search for the truth behind a Hollywood myth about the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. It is told from a woman's point of view—a woman determined to be the female Phillip Marlowe. Gail is seeking agency representation for this completed novel.

Additionally, Gail is finalizing work on two other novels. The first, The Water, is a terrifying thriller pitting an average woman against a group in search of a 600-year old secret. The second, White Lie, a literary, noir-style mystery revolving around a lethal teenage girl whose actions unravel into a complex web of lies, murder, and betrayal.

Praise for The Making of a Monster

"Impressive...Better than Anne Rice." —Cemetery Dance

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The Catholic Girls – Somebody Better Get a Room

Gail is a founding member of the all-female rock band, The Catholic Girls. Their latest album is entitled “Somebody Better Get A Room” and can be purchased from Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby and The Catholic Girls official website.

"Gail Petersen is Bruce Springsteen, but with a touch of menace, who, instead of writing about New Jersey, writes about the world… A female Phil Colins with razor-blade eyes; she's a great storyteller whose expressionistic, larger-than-life musical vision bridges the gap between poetry and musical lyric and sets new standards for what rock and pop music ought to be… and she does it with a biting sense of humor." —The Village Voice