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In 1993, the Abyss imprint of Doubleday/Dell published Gail Petersen’s first novel, The Making of a Monster, a vampire story of horror, love, humanity and redemption which some critics labeled “better than Anne Rice.” Monster has been re-released in both E-book form and Print on Demand by Open Road Integrated media one of the premier digital publishers in the country. It is additionally offered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Open Road Integrated Media, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, and elsewhere.

Gail has been a writer all her life, beginning at five years of age, when she made up lyrics for her own versions of popular songs, and then, at eight, wrote her first book, a ten-page suspense novel called The Mysterious Ghost, that immediately became a bestseller with her parents and other close family friends. Not content with the scope of her audience, she continued writing in music as well. In 1982, Gail became a major-label recording artist (on MCA Records) as the writer/lead singer/founder of the cult pop-rock band The Catholic Girls. Gail’s love of fiction has never waned as she continues to write novels and screenplays.

Gail has now completed a new novel, The Last Hitchcock, a contemporary detective story with a first person woman’s POV—a woman on a journey to regain the life she left behind in a controlling marriage. The story unites two partners, a male and a female, in a chilling search for a lost film that no one has proven actually exists. A film plagued by disaster, death, secrets and lies that has never been found or even viewed. A film rumored to be the hidden final masterpiece created by Alfred Hitchcock. The setting is Los Angeles, the city of angels, myths and legends. The time is now.

Additionally, she is finalizing two other novels. The first work is White Lie, a dark fiction set in 1994 about a seemingly innocent 16-year old who, on the steps of her parochial school, shoots one of her teachers. Jess O’Hara, a writer, is hired to tell her tabloid-worthy tale. This ignites a fire that becomes more intense, unpredictable, and lethal as it burns away the visible layers of the crime to reveal a spider-web of betrayal, revenge, lies, love and death.

The second, The Water, is a terrifying thriller pitting an average woman against a group in search of a 600-year old secret, long-protected by a mysterious branch of the Catholic Church; a secret involving torture, eternal youth and the possibility of immortality.


Gail is currently seeking agency representation for her latest completed novel, The Last Hitchcock. Please contact her for further information.

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Gail's first novel, The Making of a Monster, is available in eBook (and print) form on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Open Road Integrated Media, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, and elsewhere.